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The next edition of Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend will be held from 12 to 15 September 2019. The 49 galleries of the association Arte_Madrid will celebrate the tenth anniversary of Apertura, turning Madrid into the epicenter of contemporary art since 2009. An essential event to the national and international cultural calendar.


Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend is possible every year thanks to the commitment of the galleries of Arte_Madrid and the support of private and institutional sponsors. They keep supporting Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend within their policies of sponsorship in the field of Arts and Culture:



43 exhibitions and more than 60 artists, galleries of Arte_Madrid inaugurate artistic season from 15th to 17th Sept. Most relevant cultural institutions will support galleries in a weekend when Madrid becomes a national reference in contemporary art, in an activity open to all the public and free!

We will discover all the proposals, from new generation artists as well as renowned artists. Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend 2016 will be an overview of all disciplines: painting, photography, sculpture... Galleries of Arte_Madrid have dedicated some space to International contemporary art and the most relevant cultural institutions (Museo Reina Sofía, Museo Thyssen, Centro Dos de Mayo...) and ARCOmadrid join Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend developing a broad activity programme to approach current artistic creation for all the public with international projection.

Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend is the largest event of Art that attract art collectors, experts, professionals of all kinds, art passionates and curious people to our city. Its main goal: to approach all the public to contemporary art creation and become a relevant meeting point of the sector. Last edition, more than 24,000 visitors enjoyed the event that has already consolidated as one of the essential Gallery Weekends, just behind Berlin.

Coming soon, detailed activities programme here.


Artsy is the leading resource for learning about and collecting art from over 3,000 leading galleries, 450 museums and institutions, 40 international art fairs, and select auctions. Artsy provides free access via its website Artsy.net and iPhone app to 250,000 images of art and architecture by 40,000 artists, which includes the world’s largest online database of contemporary art. An exclusive feature between Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend and Artsy.net offers online visits to the exhibitions that Arte_Madrid galleries will host during the event through the website Artsy.net.


Mahou, Alhambra and Solán de Cabras have joined with Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend 2015. The Mahou-San Miguel group which celebrates its 125th anniversary this year, linked to the history and inhabitants of the capital city, thus continuing its bid for the innovative culture and leisure of Madrid, and for the diversity and wealth of its neighbourhoods.


Once again, the Fundación Banco Sabadell supports Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend. The Fundación Banco Sabadell was created as a private foundation in 1994, based on an agreement of the Administrative Board of Banco Sabadell, in order to stimulate and disseminate knowledge and culture. The objective of the Fundación is to promote dissemination, training and research activities in the areas of education, science and culture. Therefore, and in order to promote and spread art, it has become an ally of Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend 2015.



One Shot Recoletos 04 is the official hotel of Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend 2015. Art, culture, beauty and creation combine to define the daily experience of this hotel. It is located in a 19th century building of unique architecture, in the historic centre of Madrid, in the Salamanca neighbourhood, a few steps away from the Arte_Madrid galleries, the Museo del Prado, Museo Reina Sofía, Museo Thyssen, etc.


Apertura wishes to offer special thanks to the Casa Árabe for having taken us in, welcoming us in its home and allowing it to become our own. And for encouraging the connection between sector professionals and the proposals of Arab artists. Its upcoming exhibit, Juego de Pistas: Beirut y una nueva generación de artistas commissioned by Sam Bardaouil and Till Fellrath shall be presented in the halls of the Casa Árabe during Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend 2015.


Arte_Madrid is proud to receive the support of the international platform Artsy.net of collectors and art dissemination, as a "media partner". We also are receiving the support of TF Artes Gráficas, responsible for printing all of the graphic materials for Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend 2015.


Of the parallel activities being held with Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend to bring contemporary art to the general public, the ARCO Gallerywalk is of special note. This initiative carried out via the Fundación ARCO offers free guided visits by experts to contemporary art galleries across Madrid during Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend. Three routes have been created in distinct schedules, according to the districts where the main galleries are located.

In this way, ARCOmadrid helps ensure that the general public can get to know the galleries first hand, learning how they work and how they present exhibits while at the same time, viewing the current artistic creations offered.


With 45 exhibitions and more than 50 artists, Arte_Madrid galleries start the artistic season from 10th to 12th of September. The most important cultural institutions in the city are are joining. A weekend in which Madrid becomes the largest exhibition room of contemporary art in the country, open to everyone and for free.

We will discover the proposals of a new generation of artists living with established names. There is also room for great Masters who have written the Art History of the Twentieth Century as well.

Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend will also be a tour of all disciplines such as painting, photography, sculpture ... The international contemporary art also has space in the rooms of this particular "museum".

Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend is the great art event that brings collectors, experts and professionals from around the world to our city. Its main purpose:  approach the public to contemporary creation and to be a meeting point for the sector.

Apertura 2014. Madrid Gallery Weekend

From September 11 until 13, the city of Madrid becomes a large exhibition hall of contemporary art. The Madrid Gallery Weekend 'APERTURA 2014' is the event which marks the beginning of the year in September. Around 50 artists, 44 exhibitions and the most important cultural institutions, all together, celebrating a party which will open up the city to the contemporary art.

Apertura is an invitation to explore Madrid, and its districts, in a different way, and to discover the latest from the current creation. It is the weekend of the inauguration of more than 40 art galleries, all at once, extending their opening hours and planning special activities. In parallel, with the cooperation of institutions (Museo Reina Sofía, Museo Thyssen, Museo ABC, Fundación Telefónica, Fundación Mapfre, Fundación Lázaro Galdiano, CentroCentro, Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Conde Duque…), a wide activity programme is developed to bring the latest creations to the general public. Along with ARCOmadrid, Apertura is the great art event in the city.

Apertura offers an attractive schedule to continue attracting new collectors, experts and professionals from all over the world with the purpose of encouraging the art collecting and to turn the city as an international art markets focus point.

Spanish art is discovered through new-generation artists, such as Moisés MahiquesAbigail Lazkoz or Secundino Hernández, who live alongside acclaimed names, such as Dora GarcíaMiquel Navarro, Ángel Vergara or Alfonso Albacete.

Apertura 2014 is also a tour through all disciplines, such as installation –Daniel Canogar–, painting –Jorge Galindo–, photography –Pablo Boneu sculpture –Milena Muzquiz–...

Additionally, there is space for the international contemporary art within the showrooms of this particular “museum”. Prominent figures, such as Stephen Irwin, Claudia Wieser, Suda Yoshihiro, Fred Sandback, Maya Lin, B. Wurth, Stéphane Dafflon, Cristopher Knowles, or Manuel Caeiro, among other top names, are part of the Madrid galleries’ programme.

Among the activities developed during these days, we highlight the guided tours by experts through galleries, workshops for families –taught by educators and artists– or special visits to large museums guided by their directors or curators.

This wonderful contemporary art event is organized by the art gallery association Arte_Madrid, which was founded in the year 2000. Currently Arte_Madrid gathers 44 members. These galleries are located mainly in 4 central districts of the city: Barrio de Salamanca, Lavapiés, Barrio de las Letras and Las Salesas.

Madrid is also the capital of contemporary art in Spain. 50% of Spanish galleries belonging to the Spanish Consortium of Contemporary Art Galleries –the National Association Union– are based in the city. 44 spaces open to the best of contemporary art, besides the presence of top art centres, make Madrid a lively and exciting place to visit in September.


El pasado sábado 22 de septiembre concluyó la tercera edición de APERTURA, organizada por la Asociación de Galerías de Arte ARTE_MADRID. Para la clausura el programa del evento contó con un cocktail celebrado en CentroCentro, en coincidencia con la inauguración en dicho espacio de las exposiciones "El artista en la ciudad" e "Instrucciones de uso". 

Con el apoyo de Bodegas Beronia, colaborador en esta edición, galeristas, artistas y público pusieron punto y final a tres días de arte, eventos, actividades y visitas guiadas. Aunque en realidad se trata de un punto y seguido, ya que todas las exposiciones de las galerías miembro de ARTE_MADRID estarán abiertas hasta octubre e incluso algunas de ellas hasta el mes de noviembre. Madrid, a través de sus galerías, es una gran sala de exposiciones abierta al público durante todo el año. 

Cocktail en CentroCentro



El programa de APERTURA 2012 tiene actividades muy diversas.  Una de ellas es la proyección de la película Oneguin Tatiana mañana viernes 21 de septiembre  en la galería Espacio Valverde a las 20.30 h.  La cinta es una adaptación de la novela en verso Eugenio Oneguin de A.S. Pushkin. bajo la batuta de Fernando Valero y Cristina Huarte.

Desde muy joven el ruso Pushkin fue un brillante escritor de poemas, cuentos y composiciones que adquirieron inmediatamente una gran popularidad. El zar Alejandro lo desterró durante varios años por la mordacidad e ingenio de su obra, siempre crítica con lo establecido. Fue en estos años de destierro cuando escribe sus grandes obras, entre ellas Eugenio Oneguin

Tras la proyección se servirá vodka y algún detalle ruso.  Sin duda, otra alternativa para participar en APERTURA 2012, acercarse a las galerías de arte y ver qué ofrecen.

Consulta la ficha técnica y más información de la película.


Mañana jueves 20 de septiembre da comienzo APERTURA 2012, la tercera edición de este evento que, cada otoño, llena de arte contemporáneo la capital española. Madrid celebrará de día y de noche el evento, en el que cerca de cincuenta galerías de arte contemporáneo inaugurarán simultáneamente sus exposiciones. Además, un amplio programa de actividades en museos y centros de arte potenciarán nacional e internacionalmente la creación plástica y las industrias culturales españolas completarán la oferta de la ciudad.

Hasta el sábado 22, el público general podrá disfrutar de amplios horarios de apertura en las galerías y apuntarse a una de las novedades de esta edición. Asimismo, mediante invitación, se podrá participar en los ARCO Gallery Walks. Cada día se realizará una visita guiada a uno de los barrios en los que las galerías se aglutinan, para conocer con detalle todas los espacios y las exposiciones. 

El programa de actividades se completa con visitas a casa de los galeristas (con invitación), un recorrido privado a la colección del Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, a la colección de la Fundación Banco Santander, actos sociales, brunchs en las galerías, charlas y proyecciones.

Plano Madrid


El apoyo de las instituciones públicas es fundamental para ARTE_MADRID y para la organización de un evento como APERTURA. A los patrocinadores de esta edición se ha incorporado recientemente Acción Cultural Española (AC/E), el organismo dedicado a impulsar y promocionar la cultura y el patrimonio de España, dentro y fuera de nuestras fronteras.

Esta entidad desarrolla un amplio programa de actividades que incluye exposiciones, congresos, ciclos de conferencias, cine, teatro, música, producciones audiovisuales e iniciativas que fomentan la movilidad de profesionales y creadores.

El prestigio, la calidad de su programación y su experiencia convierten a AC/E en punto de encuentro de la acción cultural exterior. Su apoyo y el resto de los patrocinios de esta edición confirman a APERTURA como una cita cultural fundamental de la escena artística madrileña, que cada edición atrae a más público.

Logo AC/E



ARCOmadrid (feria de arte contemporáneo organizada por IFEMA) pone en marcha la iniciativa ARCO GALLERYWalk en el marco del evento APERTURA 2012. Una acción que ofrece una serie de visitas guiadas gratuitas a galerías de arte de Madrid. Esta propuesta permitirá a las personas participantes conocer los espacios, programas y exposiciones con los que las galerías arrancan la temporada. 

De esta manera, del 20 al 22 de septiembre, se realizarán recorridos por las galerías que forman parte de ARTE_MADRID en los barrios de Alonso Martínez, Salamanca y Atocha.

Las visitas guiadas, dirigidas por las comisarias Sara García y Lola Iglesias, se realizarán en grupos reducidos, por lo que es imprescindible que los interesados soliciten su inscripción en arcogallerywalk@gmail.com.

Público llegando a los ARCOGALLERYWalks en la edición celebrada en 2011 con DecorAcción



El próximo día 12 de septiembre a las 10,30h. se celebrará la rueda de prensa de presentación del evento APERTURA 2012 en el que cerca de cincuenta galerías de arte contemporáneo, pertenecientes a la Asociación de Galerías de Arte ARTE_MADRID, inaugurarán simultáneamente sus exposiciones. En el acto intervendrán:

Isabel Rosell, directora general de Archivos, Museos y Bibliotecas de la Comunidad de Madrid
Esther Viña, presidenta de la Asociación de Galerías ArteMadrid

Imagen de APERTURA 2011

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