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Apertura is the great event that marks the beginning of the new exhibition season. With an exceptional program and opening hours, it brings together artists, professionals, collectors, public and private institutions, companies and the public, national and international, to our city.

Promoted by the association of galleries Arte Madrid, Apertura was first celebrated in 2009. Every September, for a weekend, Arte Madrid’s galleries come together to offer a unique program of exhibitions, open to all and free, that take place throughout the city.

In the latest editions Apertura has been extender over the month of September to offer a complete program of activities accessible to the public for free: joint opening in all galleries, a program of events and guided tours of the galleries, visits to some of the most unique art centres and museums in the city, as well as tours to discover and appreciate contemporary artworks located in public spaces like streets, squares and buildings of Madrid.

Apertura also organizes a private program that aims to develop the contemporary art sector and encourage collaboration between cultural agents and professionals. In addition to the invitations made by the galleries themselves and by the association, an international group of directors of art centres or institutions, curators and advisers attend, invited by the Spanish Government through Acción Cultural Española.

Arte Madrid and Apertura are financed through the contribution of the associated galleries and through the help, collaboration and sponsorship of both private companies and public administrations.


Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend will celebrate its 12th edition from 9 to 12 September 2021, four days that will become a great artistic celebration to enjoy the best contemporary art in the city. The Association of Modern and Contemporary Art Galleries of Madrid, Arte Madrid, promotes this event that inaugurates the exhibition season, a consolidated event on the international art calendar.


On this occasion, Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend 2021 has a strong celebratory component, the return of the public to the physical space of the galleries after a compulsory pandemic break. Thus, the 52 participating art galleries will simultaneously present the inaugural exhibitions of the season.


The Arte Madrid mobile app, free and available on AppStore and Google Play, will be the most practical way to organise tours of the different exhibitions, not only during Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend, but throughout the year.


Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend is an event organised by Arte Madrid which this year has the support, collaboration and sponsorship of both private companies (Fundación Sabadell, ARCO, Fundación Palazuelo, Mahou and Arte Global) and public administrations (Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Ministerio de Cultura, Acción Cultural Española AC/E). It also has the technological support of IT Gallery and will be online in 3D format thanks to the support of idealista and the RedCollectors platform. Apertura Madrid Gallery Weekend is a member of Art Across Europe.