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Eugenia Niño (Caracas, 1933) founded the Sen gallery in 1969, in Núñez de Balboa street (Madrid). A few years later she moved to Calle Barquillo, where she remained until the gallery closed in 2009.

Numerous artists passed through her gallery, such as Nacho Criado, Equipo Crónica, Elena Asins, Isabel Villar, Eduardo Úrculo, Luis Gordillo and the Costus group, among many others.

Sen played a key role in Madrid’s art scene, and today we present a conversation between its founder and director, Eugenia Niño, and Alberto Anaut, president of La Fábrica.

Together with Fernando Mignoni, she founded Theo gallery in Madrid in 1967. In 1994, on her own, she started her eponymous gallery, which is currently run by her daughters Elvira and Isabel Mignoni and is located at Calle Hermanos Álvarez Quintero 1.

We present here an interview by Juan Manuel Bonet, historian, art critic and key curator on the Spanish art scene, in which he reviews some of the milestones in the career of this gallerist.

Salvador Dalí and Eugenia Niño