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Edurne Gallery: a fleeting utopía

The Galería Edurne is the life project of Margarita de Lucas and Antonio Navascués, which began its trajectory on 11 March 1964 in a semi-basement of Calle Villanueva 23 in Madrid, where such interesting and transcendental figures as Rueda, Millares, Zóbel, Saura and Alberto Greco would appear.

Throughout its history the gallery would occupy different venues, not only in the city of Madrid (Calle Monte Esquinza, Calle Ayala, Calle Justiniano, Calle Libertad, among others) but also in Segovia and El Escorial.

Both Margarita and Antonio needed from the beginning to transmit the importance of the impact that each artist created with a personal action in the Gallery, an exhibition, an atmosphere, a new idea, which revolutionised the environment, provoked controversy, renewed terms. Both always worked with one premise: the need for Art as a vocation and a continuous capacity for renewal.

Proof of this are the four hundred exhibitions held, including participation in fairs such as FIAC, KOLN MESSE, ART LONDON, ARCO, NEW ART Barcelona. It is worth mentioning, without detriment to other artists, the exhibitions with Adolfo Estrada, Franz Weissmann, Claudio Bravo, Luis Gordillo, Gustavo Torner, Yamaoka, José María Yturralde, Gerardo Rueda, Eusebio Sempere, Antonio Saura, Manuel Millares, Luis Tomasello, Elena Asins, Joseph Beuys, Carl André, Alberto Greco and Richard Serra.

Exposición de una noche solo, Antonio Navascués and Margarita de Lucas in 1978. Photograph by Luis Pérez-Mínguez