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Interview with art lover Thierry Gasnier


Who are you?
Thierry Gasnier, European based, financial mind, multicultural, art lover.

What are your best memories about the GW?
Many of them. Starting with a diner at Choice Paris talking about homosexual repression in Saudi Arabia. At least this kind of a formal diner can serve! Then Berlin, Madrid, Brussels, Marseille… Mostly in Europe however the last one I participated to was in Guadalajara, Méjico.

If you have visited other GW, what did you think about them?
It was always a good experience, including repeating one year after the next as with Apertura, in Madrid.

According to you, what is the main advantage of a Gallery Weekend?
Meeting new collectors and making friends around the world. A good preparation for the present moment… From the point of view of a collector, intensive and one shot coverage of one art scene. From the one of the gallery, looks obvious!

How important is it to discover a city’s arts scene through the galleries and their exhibitions?
That’s a way to see through their eyes what is going around. A GW is not only for commercial purposes, also to strengthen relationships with the gallery who invite you.

Would you travel again for GW purposes? Which GW would you like to attend?
Right now, any of them!

What does it mean to you to have European art collaboration? Is it legitimate?
Certainly, to build bridges between countries and cities is especially important right now. A good example coming in my mind is the one of No Place, a platform created some years ago by 4 galleries sharing artists and synergies.

What do you think about a European collaboration? Can the project be useful? What are the benefits?
That could be one key to open new doors when the quarantine will finish. I am especially thinking on galleries sharing initiatives and costs and get the market re-starting. A special coordination is also needed in order to avoid to fall a post-crisis frenzy.

Do you think that the project can have a bigger impact than just on the artistic level? Do you pay attention to what is done abroad?
For sure, art has to contribute to regenerate our society. And to break barriers. Let’s forget for once local focus…

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