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Interview with artist Alicia Framis


Who are you?
Alicia Framis

Do you find your inspiration cross-border?
Yes of course, I work with 2 main subjects: women and solitude. My work doesn't understand borders, the artist is a wandering person, who talks about his environment. I think the work belongs to a place but the information that is transmitted is universal

Do you pay attention to what is done abroad?
Yes of course, is not inside – outside, here and abroad in art, i think is all one nowadays. Art is like science, there may be specific cases in a region due to the circumstances, of course can be local cases, but  thanks to the media today, we find out what happens in  art immediately, I think it is very important to know what is going on. Being an artist is a daily learning.

What do you think about making the different artistic scenes meet with each other? 
I think that has already existed for many years. Life is an exchange of information and emotions, and then what i want to say is that the format is not the important thing, but the message, the message is the important thing, the technique or the support is the least of it.

Would you as an artist be interested in discovering European artists work?
Yes always!

How is it important to you to visit galleries?
The galleries are important because they present you the latest works from an artist, they bring you closer to the artist’s career and especially young or less known artists, I really like the idea of a “boutique”, something made with love for strange things.

According to you, what is the main benefit of exhibiting in a gallery during a GW?
Would you like to travel on the occasion of a GW? Yes sure, It is the moment to see a lot of people, and in a natural way, you walk and you meet people, there are also many events, but I especially like the chance to meet people you don’t expect. I also like the effort that galleries make to show the best they have, there is love and dedication.People are travelling less for biennials and more for art weeks.

Which arts scene/gallery scene is (the most) attractive to you?
I really like Gavins Brown gallery in New York, Because he does not try to impress the rich, but he is faithful to his artists, his choice,  and he is always starting from scratch, he is a person who takes risks, he was one of the first to have a gallery in the Bronx, he likes the idea of community. I really like Amsterdam and his GW because art is something really appreciated but at the same time the artist himself there is someone humble, almost invisible and there is a good community of artists. I really like Thailand because there is great solidarity. And I really like my generation of artists. We came out of a crisis from the 90s , we invented relational aesthetics and we have survived, we are quite grateful and supportive.

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